World War G

This Week:

Today in Geek History: Joan of Arc, Indy 500, Bing Crosby and more

Troy's Toys: Neca Gargoyles Goliath figure

T.W.i.G: Tommy Chong's character will be in That 90's Show, humans could soon live on a space station orbiting a dwarf planet, WalMart reviews Juneteenth ice cream after online backlash, ancient Roman statue found at Goodwill for $35, True Detective season 4 casts Jodie Foster as lead, Krysten Ritter returning to Jessica Jones in the MCU.

Revs and Rex: The Bad Guys, Love, Death and Robots and Top Gun: Maverick


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World War G is a podcast about all things geek. Troy and AJ sit down and talk about all the geeky news of the week. They discuss movies, TV, comic books, video games and anything else they happen to think of. With the occasional taste test, movie commentary and episodes dedicated to one specific category. World War G is a fun, entertaining podcast if you are a nerd, geek, weirdo or anything in least we think so.