World War G

This Week:

How Does it Taste? Pepsi Mango

Happy Birth/Death Day: Craig T. Nelson, Robert Downey Jr. Grumpy Cat and more

This Week in Geek: Professor Utonium Power Puff Girls live casting--Knives Out 2 and 3 going straight to Netflix--Batman and Superman are becoming cowboys--Bhad Bhabie Only Fans has set a new record--Every film that has been the highest grossing of all time and how long it held the title.

                                                                                          Revs and Rex: Unholy, Nobody and Godzilla vs. King                                                                                                  Kong

About The Show:

World War G is a podcast about all things geek. Troy and AJ sit down and talk about all the geeky news of the week. They discuss movies, TV, comic books, video games and anything else they happen to think of. With the occasional taste test, movie commentary and episodes dedicated to one specific category. World War G is a fun, entertaining podcast if you are a nerd, geek, weirdo or anything in least we think so.