We've got you covered with everything from Marvel to Star Wars...comic games...classic beyond. We're the show that dares to ask the question...Who would win in a fight between Godzilla and Venom?
Shawn and John have been friends for years. Along the way they've gathered more nerds into their collective like Rick, Virginia, Chris, Scott, Troy and more. And now they have they're sites set on you.

Captain GameShow
John Irons is the co-host of Cosmic Potato. Our listeners know that he loves all kinds of games. Trivia games, word association games, general geeky knowledge name it and he loves it. Now he's bringing that dedication to the game to his very own show right here on the network. Captain GameShow takes people that you know and some new voices as well. So join him as he spreads the cheer.

Wait. You've Never Seen...?
Shane and Virginia love movies. But they're kind of behind on some of the titles that you probably think they should have seen by now. Shane never got around to brushing up on the oldies and musicals like Twelve Angry Men and Singin' In The Rain. Virginia is out of the loop on modern classics like Die Hard and Alien. And neither of them have watched a whole lot of Marvel. So, together they're watching the films that at least one of them hasn't seen...week by at a time. You'll love hearing their take on some of your favorites and maybe you'll learn about a few that you haven't seen either.
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That Star Trek Podcast

Until late 2017 Star Trek had not been on television in over twelve years. Now we are in the midst of a new era with Star Trek: Discovery, Picard, and the upcoming Lower Decks. Shawn, Rick, John, Virginia, and Scott breakdown and analyze the latest episode. Sometimes they really liked it...sometimes they didn't. They also welcome guests to join them in the discussion. They compare what they're seeing to episodes of the older series and speculate about what they think is going to happen in future episodes.

World War G
World War G is a podcast about all things geek. Troy AJ and Colton sit down and talk about all the geeky news of the week. They discuss movies, TV, comic books, video games and anything else they happen to think of. With the occasional taste test, movie commentary and episodes dedicated to one specific category. World War G is a fun, entertaining podcast if you are a nerd, geek, weirdo or anything in least we think so.
Every Star Trek fan has a story. For over fifty years this franchise has been handing out life lessons and molding the lives of generations of people. Some of them liked the show as entertainment. Some of them would not be who they are without it.  In The Prime Direction, Scott Matteson sits down with some of those fans and discusses what it is about Star Trek that has made them who they are.

Trial By Pilot
Nobody has time to watch every new television show. That's why we judge them all based solely on the pilot episode. Tune in as Bill, Elizabeth, and Casey give their verdict.